Natural Family Planning or Fertility Awareness

The benefits of fertility awareness are vast. Women have a unique opportunity to understand how beautifully they were made and should feel empowered with the knowledge that they alone have 3 Powers that men do not: Ovulation, Gestation, and Lactation! Armed with the knowledge that ovulation is a sign of health, then in a very natural way a woman can note patterns and changes within her body to tell her if she is healthy. When patterns are detectable, then Natural Family Planning is very easy to achieve with great success. If patterns are not detectable, then Dr. Wood enjoys finding the answers to correct your body and achieve your best health.

Many couples report great marriages that use NFP. They communicate more effectively, they both work to achieve their goals together, and they enjoy the safety of not using artificial hormones and contraceptives to postpone pregnancy.

The old "rhythm method” of yesteryear is not considered an effective method. Unfortunately, many medical practitioners were taught that this was all we knew, and if a woman had irregular cycles, then she was out of luck. We were not trained in methods such as The Billings Ovulation Method which is over 99% effective with perfect use. This method is based on in-depth scientific studies through many years of research and was created by two physicians with the aid of research scientists such as Dr. Jim Brown who was the first to measure estrogen levels in urine. This particular method utilizes changes at the vulva which signify changes in cervical mucus. As a woman goes about her day, she feels these sensations, and at the end of the day, they are charted. Most husbands prefer to be involved in this charting and have a greater knowledge and awareness of their wive's cyclic changes and patterns.

Couples have found an improved fertility rate employing NFP, as they know whether ovulation is occurring, and they understand their most fertile times.

Furthermore, this method is learned easily and is simple. The cost to learn is minimal when compared with its value of knowing and understanding your body, and the cost of contraception, both monetarily as well as the physical cost to a woman's body and a new human embryo.

Dr. Wood likes to refer to certified Billings Ovulation teachers for in depth training and ongoing support. Should problems arise with the recognition of patterns, then she can take steps to find the answers.

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