March 31, 2020
Dear Patients:

I hope this finds you well during these scary times with COVID-19, and I trust you are all following the national guidelines. This pandemic has obviously caused many changes in our plans, and indeed my office plans have had to change since the letter I mailed to you recently. In that letter, I mentioned health concerns with a close family member and the need for time off.

Though we were very close to an agreement, corporate entities put a hold on any planned projects, so this has forced me to shut the office completely. I have finalized plans for your records to be in the custodial care of Dr. Sreedhar Tallapureddy in Allen, Texas. He is a Board-Certified OB/GYN physician who accepts most insurance plans as well as Medicare. He has over 20 years of experience, and I know you are in very capable hands.

For patients on testosterone, I would advise Dr. Rosemary Bates, an internist in Plano, Texas. She does pellet therapy as well as other forms of hormones. She has an associate who accepts Medicare patients. Her office is near Spring Creek and Coit Road.

For those of you needing prescription refills or questions, please CALL Dr. Tallapureddy's office. The E-script service that we have has not been responsive to r changes, and though I will let them know I am losing and to forward refills to him, I would CALL the office for needed refills until you have been in to see him. Our phone number will be forwarded to his office on April 1 as we prepare to move out.

I have certainly learned so much from all of you, and many of you have entrusted me with your care for over 30 years! I cherish all of that time, and the confidence you had in me. As for my future plans, I do not feel that God is done with me yet as a physician. I will take this time to explore functional and integrative medicine and hope to "resurface" in the future.

With this Pandemic, I would encourage you to read about ozone therapies and IV infusions of Vitamin C. Many top ozone physicians have witnessed ozone attack the Ebola Virus, and I believe that this Corona Virus can also be attacked with ozone. Ozone used to be widely used in this country before antibiotics were brought onto the scene. Dr. Robert Rowen and Dr. Frank Shallenberger are two top ozone physicians in the country. lists providers on its website.

Please stay safe, take time to meditate and pray daily, and enjoy some warmth and sunshine this spring. Most of you have really adopted some very healthy lifestyles, and I know that this will stead you well during this time.

Dr. Sreedhar Tallapureddy
1105 N. Central Expressway, Suite 2350
Allen, TX 75013

Dr. Rosemary Bates
Internist (Hormones and Pellets)
6300 Stonewood Drive, Suite 302
Plano, TX 75024

Frisco GYN and Wellness